NAEA's Tax Research Service

As an enrolled agent, you’ve proven your tax expertise. Even with your experience and knowledge, there are times when you want to verify your memory, read the regulation, or just double check your answer. It’s part of providing the best service possible for your clients. You may also run into a unique tax situation from time to time that requires extensive investigation.

The National Association of Enrolled Agents offers a tax research service. Convenient and easy to use, this service will answer your questions and offer written tax guidance in conversational language that you could share directly with your clients. Whether you just need to check a simple fact you have a complex tax situation, you can trust the research provided by NAEA’s tax research service.

NAEA members and registered users receive the lowest possible cost for this service, but only when you access the Tax Research Service though NAEA.


Click here to connect to the Tax Research Service


How it Works
There are two parts to this robust service:

  • NAEA members can search the tax knowledge database by clicking on “Find Tax Answers” which allows users to search by key word or by topic.  The tax knowledge database contains over 3000 articles, compiled from frequently asked questions by other tax professionals.
  • NAEA members can choose to “Ask a Tax Expert” to receive personalized case research.  This service allows you to provide any necessary documentation through fax or upload, and our tax research experts do the work for you.  Two levels of service are available (standard or extensive) based on the complexity of the tax situation.

The Tax Research Service Presentation is a full how-to guide to accessing and using the Tax Research Service. Print it out or review it online. There’s also a full “Help” document available to you and you may submit a “Support” email request once you’ve logged into the service. 

Pricing for NAEA’s Tax Research Service
NAEA members receive the best rates for this service. Not a member? Maybe it’s time you joined. Check out our membership benefits and sign up as a member or associate now.

  • Tax Knowledge Base

    NAEA members and associates: complimentary, unlimited access

    Non-members: $100 yearly subscription

  • "Ask a Tax Expert" 

    NAEA members and associates

    Standard: $35 per question
    Extensive: $75 per hour (you will receive an estimate to approve before research begins)


    Standard: $50 per question with Tax Knowledge Base subscription; $100 per question otherwise
    Extensive: $100 per hour with Tax Knowledge Base subscription; $150 per hour otherwise (you will receive an estimate to approve before research begins)

For the "Ask a Tax Expert" service, your credit card will not be charged until an answer is delivered to you. If your tax situation requires additional research, you will be notified and given the cost for that specific question. You must approve the additional charge before work begins.

NAEA’s Tax Research Service is powered by The Tax Institute. Questions about membership or this service may be directed to or 202-822-6232.